Personal Hygiene for Baby

The situation of the parents:

Hygiene and personal hygiene for baby is a matter of course today. In everyday life, adults have to do with a variety of personal care products and toiletries. There are also many different products used simultaneously. (For example, the facial care is from a different product line than the shower gel, as well as toothpaste and shampoo, etc.) For baby care, a whole industry has emerged. It has become a real “baby market” and parents are overwhelmed with magazines, parenting packages, TV advertising, etc. with baby care products and tips. Parents are taught that they do the best for their offspring with each product. “The best for the baby” almost all parents want.

However, it is often difficult for them to get an overview and take specific time to get well informed before shopping. The sample packs are additionally seductive in the direction of “trying out”. However, it should not be tried out with the baby.

Fathers often want to take part in baby care, but are unsure and prefer to leave it to their mother. Here plays a big role, what the mother also trusts the newly-baked father. Fathers who are trusted often quickly develop concrete practical skills. As a result, they become safer, gain joy, the baby reacts increasingly grateful to the paternal care and thus creates a positive cycle, the father and child is good and relieves the mother a little.

personal hygiene for baby

Before any care, father or mother should always wash their own hands.

Today there are many different winding possibilities. Different types of disposable diapers, gauze diapers, washable diaper systems and diaper services. Disposable diapers are light and quick to handle and also very handy when on the move. However, the costs are higher than with washable diaper systems. The environmental impact is discussed again and again. Washable diaper systems are cheaper, there is much less waste, with the use of low-irritant detergents, allergic reactions are rare, but the time required is a lot bigger and on the way handling is a bit more laborious. Each system thus has advantages and disadvantages in terms of time, skin and environmental compatibility and finances. Therefore, a good prior information on the specific options makes sense. You can then have a pack of disposable diapers ready and take your time to get to know the baby in the first few days, his needs and the changed everyday life and then only to make the further decision. The topic “winding” stays up to 3 to 4 years up to date.

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