Newborn Baby Care

Newborns are individual persons from the beginning. This also applies to the condition of their skin, their heat and cold regulation and their digestion and thus also to their excretions. newborn baby care is very important

The skin of newborns:

Newborns have a delicate skin that is thinner and more permeable than that of adults. It takes about 10 years for the skin thickness to be that of adults. It should therefore be protected from unnecessary chemicals in clothing, diapers or care products and from direct sunlight. For families with allergy stress, the selection of clothing, furniture and care products should be done with special care.

Acid mantle:

newborn baby care

The baby’s skin is covered by so-called cheese grease at birth. This is the finest baby cream available. It is usually no longer removed today, but can act on the skin of the baby or is massaged. From the first day, the baby skin itself forms a protective acid mantle, which consists of fat, sweat and other substances. In this environment, germs then settle, which serve the healthy skin and become familiar to us. This mixture acts as a protective shield against foreign germs. It keeps us healthy. It is therefore not advisable to constantly wash this acid mantle again and replace it with artificial oils orcreams. newborn baby care is very important

The healthy skin of an adult rebuilds the acid mantle in a few hours after washing, baby skin takes much longer. This fact should be taken into account in baby care and the selection of care products. The skin is a great sense organ. Especially newborns learn their environment very much about this sense. They feel their surroundings, so to speak. Her whole body surface is sensitive and particularly sensiive are the neck and mouth region.

Touch is vital to the development of the baby. Caresses and caresses are necessary food for the mental and social development of the baby, but also support for the intellectual development as well as the sense development.

Every nursing action is therefore not just about hygiene and care, but also about promoting development. As a result, not only the “WHAT” but also the “HOW” plays a big role. Already a newborn feels the difference, whether it is touched mechanically or lovingly, whether winding is the completion of an everyday routine or a parental attention. However, this does not mean that the nursing time must therefore be longer. Love literally “goes through the skin” in the newborn.

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