How to get pregnant fast?

Every woman wants to be a mother. Unfortunately, it may take some time to become a mother. Women like to do research. For example ;How to get pregnant fast? We’ve explored the fastest methods of get pregnant for you.

If you have been trying to fall pregnant for months, or even years, by now you most undoubtedly have been told to “just relax and it will happen”. While this is not what you want to hear at this difficult juncture in your life, there is some truth in those words. The strain and pressure of not being able to conceive a child can affect a woman’s hormones preventing her from conceiving. Likewise the same strain and pressure can affect a man’s performance so much so that a couple may have trouble having successful intercourse.

This strain and pressure can lead to a stressful lifestyle and is evident by having cold, sweaty hands or feet (especially when you are felling worried), tension headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing and even by grinding your teeth during sleep.

fastest methods of get pregnant

By keeping a record of your basal body temperature, you can easily diagnose whether your stress is impacting your chances of conceiving. A positive indication that your body is stressed out is having a basal body temperature that is inconsistent, and all over the place on your chart. This is also a symptom of hormone dysfunction.

Since we live in a Western world, our first response to not being able to fall pregnant is to visit a doctor for a prescription or treatment plan. However, if you are experiencing fertility issues brought on by stress, there is not much that a doctor can do to help you.

In addition, fertility specialists actually underestimate how much stress a woman has, and how that stress is affecting her ability to successfully conceive. Ironically, most prescriptions and treatment plans that are offered by doctors include a myriad of daily medications, nightly hormone injections, and are coupled with correct intercourse timing — all of which adds to the stress that a couple is already experiencing.

Sadly, we encounter stressful situations every day, such as in traffic jams, the demands of our work, and the burdens that our families can sometimes place on us. Such stressful situations do eventually add up and begin to weigh down upon a person’s body and mind. In spite of this, the human body has been designed in such a way as to actually have defense mechanisms in place to help protect the body from the consequences of too much stress. However, one such defense method is the prevention of pregnancy. If the body is too stressed, it will prohibit a pregnancy because a stressful body would not provide the right environment for a baby to grow. So it is for the baby’s and the mother’s own well being that the body prevents conception from occurring.

During times of stress, the adrenal glands become over stimulated and emit cortisol in an attempt to help the brain function better through the stress. Unfortunately, this has a harmful consequence of preventing adequate amounts of blood from flowing through the body into the uterus and ovaries. At the same time the body also releases a higher concentration of prolactin and adrenaline. This release of prolactin can actually prohibit conception, while the adrenaline will inhibit the correct use of progesterone in the body.

Therefore if you wish to conceive and carry a child to full term, it is vitally important for you to gain a handle on your stress so that it does not wreak havoc on your reproductive system and prevent conception from occurring. There are many stress-reduction techniques that you can learn such as medication and self-massage. Exercise programs such as Yoga and Tai Chi can help reduce the effects of stress on your mind and body so as to improve your chances of conception.

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