Goldfish Tank Setup Guide

Goldfish are messy creatures and the smaller tank you go with, the more you will have to clean it. When a fish poops feces into the water, it creates nitrate levels that rob oxygen of the water. Your fish need that oxygen to breath so you need to keep the feces level to a minimum. The larger tank you have the easier it is to maintain clean water.

Pet stores recommend that you keep goldfish in a 10 gallon aquarium minimum. I would also agree with that fact but I understand that its not always going to happen. I’ve realized that most goldfish are for kids and parent don’t want to get too invested into owning large equipment. Fish bowls seem to be the magic size everyone wants to out a goldfish in. They cost under $10 and seem easy to change the water in.

Clean the aquarium regularly: Clean your tank at least every two weeks. The use of filters would be an ideal choice; because goldfish produce too much feces that can cause the formation of potentially harmful ammonia and nitrites. How long do the goldfish live. if you don’t have a filter, you’ll have to clean it more often, depending on the size of your tank, the number of fish and the efficiency of the filter. Aquarium plants; ammonia, nitrite and nitrates. Source:

Fish Bowls Need Daily Water Changes

If your not going to get super invested with a descent size aquarium, then your going to be invested in daily water changes of your fish bowl. It totally sucks but that’s the math of this equation of having a healthy fish. Now you might realize why so many goldfish just die on people. They are just not taken care of properly.

Larger aquariums need less water changes because there is more volume of water. For every feces amount dropped into the water, there is just more water to compare it too. There are technical equations that figure this all out for aquariums but I’m guessing you don’t need them for a beginner fish like goldfish.

Practical and Cheap Way to Go

The most practical and healthy route to go is a 10 gallon aquarium with a filter. Ten gallon aquariums can be purchased for around $15 U.S. dollars. Walmart sells them for $12.99 right now I do know. When you buy a filter for your 10 gallon tank, purchase a filter for a 20 gallon aquarium. Your filter should be advised to filter 2-3 times the amount of water in your aquarium. That size mechanical filter is going to cost around $20-30 dollars. You will have a very happy goldfish with these two items.

Using Gravel in Aquarium or Bowl

Gravel is the most common thing to use for the bottom of fish tanks. Make sure to rinse it prior to using it if not bought from a fish store. Gravel is a great thing but it also takes maintenance. Feces and decaying food falls into the grooves of the gravel and decays further. When decay occurs deep in the gravel it is hard for the owner to visually see.

Gravel vacuums and gravel filters are going to take some further research because there are different routes to take. Some people find using larger gravel easier while other prefer smaller gravel. No matter what though, gravel is fake and real plants and soil is going to be best. However you can get as close to natural habitat with real plants and organisms will always be best for fish living environment.

Live Plants Make Cleaner Aquariums

You can use live plants without having real soil remember. Lots of fish owners use floating plant species to help cure water nitrate levels. Living plants really bring a more natural living habitat for any fish. Plants feed on nitrate and produce new pure oxygen in the water. You don’t need to get live plants but they are a much added benefit to fish tanks.