first 3 months of pregnancy

Expectant parents expect babies, what they look like the development of their babies week by week. 40 weeks, 9 months and 10 days of exciting journey begins. At the end of this journey family members will multiply. Our baby is the most important person in the world for us.

We want to have a healthy pregnancy for her to be healthy and happy. We must take care of ourselves to give birth to our baby in a healthy way.

baby development in the first month of pregnancy

During the first two weeks of pregnancy, your hormones start to work quickly, ovulation occurs. During this period, menstruation may continue. The body begins to secrete “follicle-stimulating hormone.. Towards the end of the second week, body luteinizing hormone ”is secreted in the body and as a result the follicle leaning against the wall of the ovary is torn and the egg is thrown into the abdominal cavity.

By the 4th week of pregnancy, all of your baby’s organs begin to develop and work. This period is the most important and risky period of pregnancy. This process continues after the next 6 weeks. In the fifth week of pregnancy, the baby reaches the size of sesame seeds. This week your baby’s brain begins to grow and develop. Symptoms such as skin wilt, nausea, fatigue and frequent urination may occur this week.

2nd month of pregnancy

At the 6th week, the baby’s heart and right-left parts of the heart are formed. Reaching the size of lentil baby’s heart begins to beat. This week, the baby develops slowly, hands, feet and fingers may look like protruding bud. During these weeks, expectant mothers may find themselves in a confusion of emotions.

In the 7th week of pregnancy, the elbows and joints of the baby become prominent and the fingers and toes become slightly visible. The teeth and the inside of the mouth take shape. His ears continue to develop. The facial features slowly form.

At 8 weeks, 2 months, the baby’s height reached 1.5 cm. Bean sized baby’s hands, toes and arms are stretched.Array and elbows are taking shape. During this process, visible changes may occur in your body, such as swelling of the breasts. You may want to avoid some food and drinks this week. Complaints such as nausea, desire for constant sleep, tension and vomiting may increase.

3rd month of pregnancy

By the 9th week of pregnancy, the baby reaches almost 2.4 cm in length. Ear development will be completed by the end of this week. The upper lip is completely shaped, mouth, nose and nostrils become more prominent. This week, the baby’s heart is divided into 4 parts and heart valves begin to develop.

At 9 weeks you may feel excessive gas and bloating. By the 10th week, the baby reaches the size of the mandarin. After this period, the tissues and organs of the baby’s body grow rapidly.

The term called fetus begins. Liver, kidney, intestines, brain and lungs are taking shape. Although they will continue to develop throughout pregnancy, they start working. In the 11th week of pregnancy, the baby comes to the size of a fig. The baby is already kicking intensely and stretching. When his body grows and becomes more functional, these movements will increase.

In the 12th week your baby comes to the size of lime. His face is becoming more and more apparent. The baby has many reflexes this week, including sucking. However, it is difficult to feel the baby’s movements for a few more weeks. This week, your body waist circumference may thicken.

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