Getting Your Baby Clean With Safety In Many Unique Ways

Are you planning to buy a very generic baby bath tub at your local superstore? It will work just fine, but you may want to explore some other interesting options for your baby.

baby bath: As a starter, are you even sure you want a traditional baby bath tub? You may want to go with a European style baby bath instead. If you have never seen one, or especially never seen one in use, you may go into shock. The European style tub looks very similar to a bucket.

Are you wondering how a tub shaped like a bucket could be safe? When the baby is put down into the tub there is no where for them to go. They cannot go down deeper. They cannot fall over to the side, forwards, or backwards. They are supported in all directions. There is plenty of room for you to reach into the tub and do your washing job. These tubs are very safe, just a little out of the ordinary for many places.

Choosing a standard style tub does not limit you in safety or creating a custom bath either. You can add a soft, supportive, and decorative baby bath tub pad. These pads are designed to cradle your baby in greater comfort, and give a newborn a safer perch in the tub. You will be more relaxed giving baths to your newborn when you know they are sitting safely on the pad.

Do you want one more really fun idea for when your baby is a few months old? Get an inflatable, or regular baby bath tub which goes down in your regular bath tub. It saves you time on cleanup, the water is right there. You can start storing your baby shampoo and soap on a tub rack inside the tub enclosure. By this age your baby is loving to splash and make a mess. Keep the fun down inside the tub allows you to promote their fun, instead of trying to make them stop. You will love getting them down in the tub with all the safety of a baby bath tub.

Are there more items you should watch of in a baby bath tub? The important things in a traditional baby tub is making sure it will sit comfortably where you wish to use it. You can find a variety of sizes and designs, so take along the measurements of the counter area you plan to use. Make sure the tub includes non slip surfaces for holding your baby in place. Even though your hands will be on, or near, the baby at all times, a slippery baby can slide down very quickly.

Look for nice storage spots on the tub, far from the baby’s hands. You will be surprised to see how designs of many baby bath tubs put the spots for the soap, shampoo, and wash cloth right beside the baby’s hands. The hands of newborns may not grab them, but in just a couple months you will be busy trying to stop those exploring hands, while juggling your baby. As you can see, there are many things to consider in getting your baby bath tub. It will be one of the most fun places of play in the upcoming days.

Massage by rubbing

Many babies enjoy light massages on back and belly. Soft massages to be made at the end babies relax. After a massage, if the baby’s abdomen will be a relaxing sleep without any doubt.


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